MannKind Values MannKind Corporation

At MannKind Corporation, these are the values through which we achieve our objectives:


Our success is achieved through the efforts of individuals working collaboratively in teams. We share our knowledge and skills with others to succeed.


Each one of us, either working individually or on teams, is responsible for our actions and contributions.


Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is essential to the company’s long term success.


We value a work environment that promotes and encourages honest and open dialogue.


We meet our responsibilities with the highest possible standards of business ethics and personal conduct.


We approach our work with passion and high expectations, while inspiring a healthy, competitive spirit to succeed.

Trust and Respect

We build and maintain constructive relationships. Our actions earn credibility and honor dignity of others.


We foster an inclusive work environment that encourages and respects the expression of unique cultures, ideas and opinions, recognizing that what makes us different as individuals make us stronger as an organization.


We believe that our role of being an active community partner is an essential part of our culture. We remain engaged with the communities in which we work and live, by supporting outreach programs that make a difference and improve the lives of others within our communities.