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Technosphere® Technology –
Dry Powder Delivery Platform

We have developed the Technosphere® Technology Platform, a versatile delivery system that mimics the pharmacokinetics of intra-arterial administration.

Technosphere technology allows the pulmonary administration of therapeutics currently requiring administration by injection and offers several competitive advantages over other pulmonary drug delivery systems.

Technosphere formulations have been prepared with a diverse assortment of drugs that have a broad range of physicochemical characteristics. Anionic and cationic drugs, hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs, proteins, peptides, and small molecules have all been formulated successfully. Systemic drug delivery using many of these formulations has been demonstrated in a rat model of pulmonary drug delivery. Clinical drug delivery has been demonstrated with insulin/Technosphere, PTH/Technosphere, sCT/Technosphere, and GLP-1/Technosphere.

While the technology is currently focused on pulmonary drug delivery for systemic absorption, research studies indicate the Technosphere platform has potential applicability for local lung delivery as well as other routes of administration. Technosphere technology has the potential to provide impressive drug delivery solutions across a wide variety of therapeutic areas encompassing a number of diverse products and disease states.


The unique pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs inhaled as Technosphere formulations have the potential to provide significant competitive advantages over drugs delivered via other delivery systems, including:

  • Applicability to a wide variety of drugs
  • Rapid drug absorption that mimics intra-arterial delivery
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Improved convenience with patient-friendly, needle-free devices

For more information, download an overview here.

Technosphere Animation

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