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Device Technology
Patient-focused Dry Powder Inhalers

Our approach to pulmonary delivery of APIs with a dry powder inhalation formula is based on adherence to several key principles:

  • Simplicity through breath-powered delivery
  • Consistency using high flow resistance
  • Adaptability for a variety of powders and user groups
  • Modularity of a platform-based delivery technology
  • Portability with a discreet, small system
  • Scale-ability in high and low volume applications
  • Sensitivity to environmental exposure 

Dreamboat® Technology 


The Dreamboat system was designed to be an efficient, simple, and low cost breath-powered inhaler technology platform that is adaptable to a broad range of products and therapies.

Self-administration of pulmonary products is driven by patient compliance, so the inhalers must be user-friendly and perform consistently. To this end, MannKind technology uses the patient’s inhalation effort to deliver the dose in a single inhalation. This system efficiently and aggressively focuses the energy supplied by the patient directly onto the dry powder resulting in high delivery performance.

When utilized with our Technosphere® formulations, greater than 90% of the powder is delivered to the patient with ~70% of that delivered in the respirable range. The Dreamboat Inhalation System shows very little change in performance over a wide range of relevant pressure drops (flow rates) and produces high bioavailability. In addition, a handling study has shown the device is compatible with pediatric use.

The Dreamboat inhalation system is being expanded to a variety of other inhaler embodiments featuring the same user appeal and performance. Adjustments to meet the needs of specific API formulations and specific clinical indications can be easily implemented.

Disposable Cricket™ Technology

Disposable Cricket Inhaler

The Dreamboat principles have been used to develop the “Cricket” device family. This novel pulmonary delivery device is designed for acute, time of need, and short duration treatments. It offers significant advantage in a single use, 2-part low cost format.

Download an overview here .

To learn how to incorporate Technosphere® , Dreamboat™ or Cricket™ technology into your product, click here .

Dreamboat Video

See how the Dreamboat inhaler works.

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