MannKind Values MannKind Corporation

At MannKind Corporation, these are the values through which we achieve our objectives:



Consistently conduct ourselves in a transparent, honest and ethical manner. Adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. Take responsibility for decisions and their outcomes – both good and bad. Courageously stand up for what we believe in.


Serve as a role model for others – both in terms of demonstrating the right behaviors and delivering superior results. Encourage and motivate others to deliver their best and recognize the contributions of others. Possess a positive attitude and be empathetic. Demonstrate decisive decision making skills and act with an appropriate sense of urgency.


Display excellent listening skills and seek first to understand. Demonstrate strong speaking and writing ability and use appropriate and impactful forms of communication. Interact effectively across settings (e.g., formal, informal, one-on-one, small group, large group) and audiences (e.g., customers, peers, direct reports, management, our community).


Consistently foster collaboration and cooperation in the pursuit of creative and impactful solutions. Maximize sharing of knowledge, skills and information and provide feedback and coaching to help others succeed. Build and maintain constructive relationships. Respect and honor the dignity of others at all times.






If you are reporting an Adverse Event and/or device complaint, please contact MannKind Medical Information at 1-877-323-8505 or Do not use this form for adverse events and/or device complaints.