R&D A focus on self-administered, patient-friendly inhalation treatments

MannKind Corporation utilizes its innovative oral inhalation technologies to develop differentiated, easy-to-use, patient-friendly medications. The FDA approval of AFREZZA® (insulin human) inhalation powder validates MannKind’s technologies and clearly demonstrates that drug administration by oral inhalation has expanded well beyond the traditional realm of treating pulmonary disease. Our technologies can be used to provide self-administered treatment options for a variety of systemic indications, both acute and chronic, and are compatible with both small molecules and biologics.

MannKind’s suite of oral inhalation technologies comprises dry powder formulations (Technosphere® technology), easy-to-use, breath-powered inhalers, and an integrated formulation/inhaler approach, including inhalation profiling, designed to accelerate the drug development process.


Inhalation video for Technosphere® Powder



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