MannKind seeks to develop both established and novel drug candidates as orally-inhaled Technosphere products. Technosphere-based products are characterized by an ultra-rapid onset of action, simple and needle-free administration, avoidance of hepatic metabolism, and excellent bioavailability. We have demonstrated that these advantages fill unmet medical needs in diabetes, and we expect to leverage the platform to show benefit across a variety of treatment areas, including but not limited to metabolic disease, respiratory disease and pain. Our DREAMBOAT® and CRICKET® technology and devices provide delivery solutions that can be customized to meet patient therapeutic use or need.

For those seeking more information about our technologies, such as toxicology and user device handling, MannKind has an extensive information package developed as part of the Afrezza program that can be leveraged to expedite diligence and development of partner programs.

MannKind’s partnering approach incorporates creative methodologies that ensure the business goals of both parties are met.  If your organization has a marketed product or an active, or even inactive, development program that you believe could benefit from our technologies, the MannKind team would be delighted to speak with you regarding your interest in strategic alliances, licensing arrangements, and/or research collaborations.

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If you are reporting an Adverse Event and/or device complaint, please contact MannKind Medical Information at 1-877-323-8505 or Do not use this form for adverse events and/or device complaints.